Alkalise and Energise

To regain balance, we need to alkalise and energise. Alkalise means that we need to get our bodies into a more alkaline state, thus clearing out all of the acid and killing all of the candida/yeast in our bodies. Energise means that we need to provide electrical power to all of our organs within the body.

Whatever we eat or drink only provides value, when it provides electrical energy to the organs in your body. It's crucially important that we consume the right foods, that provide enough electrical energy to the vital organs of our body. On the other side of the coin, if we eat foods that do not provide enough electrical energy to our organs, they will use up our energy, in the effort that is required to digest them! We need to avoid such foods.

Our bodies operate on subtle electrical charges and your vital organs, such as your heart, your brain, your lungs, your liver and kidneys, all require electrical pulses to operate properly. The nutrient cells of our food are carried to the cells of our bodies, via electrical charges. If we eat something that is lifeless, we're not going to get the energy that our bodies deserve. In fact, we can use more energy up, attempting to digest lifeless food. This creates an energy deficit.

If we measure the electrical charge of 'dead food' in megahertz (MHz), a piece of chocolate cake would hold a charge of 1-3 MHz. To give you an idea of how low that is, a tumour has 30 MHz of electrical charge! A 'Big-Mac' burger has 5 MHz of electrical charge. Now, let's put this into perspective, by looking at what the required daily amount of electrical charge is for each body part. The average electrical charge required by our brain, heart and lungs is 70 MHz. So think of this scenario. If your heart requires 70 MHz and your diet consists of 'Big -Macs' and chocolate cake, can you see how there would be a substantial energy deficit? Clearly, the organs of your body are not going to operating at peak efficiency. Over a period of time, this energy deficit takes its toll and the organs begin to shut down – as well as producing more toxic waste. This slow decline is what we would call 'ageing'!

Vitamins and mineral supplements may contain 20 - MHz, providing that your body can absorb them. If you were to snack on raw almonds, they would be worth 40 – 50 MHz. Cucumber is also super-charged with electrical value. It's also a great food to snack on. Your liver requires 55 MHz to function properly, which is really important, given that its job is to eliminate waste from the body. Your colon requires 58 – 63 MHz. Your stomach requires 58 – 65 MHz. The top of your head requires 60 – 70 MHz. Fruit does provide a lot of electrical energy, but it is also very high in the fruit sugar – fructose. And fructose sugar added to an acidic body, means more acid! For the record, any food component that ends in OSE is a sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose for example). Green vegetables are the best provider of electrical energy and can provide 70-90 MHz. Also, green vegetables are extremely alkaline. Live fresh wheat grass provides 70-90 MHz.

Do you like flowers? Particularly roses? It's not just about their scent. A rose has 320 MHz coming out of it! Some flowers have more electrical charge than others, but roses give off one of the highest electrical charges coming out of them. That's why we can receive a huge lift of energy by just being around roses. A green drink, such as Xenca Five-a-Day Plus provides an immediate 250-350 MHz. It's a massive boost of electrical energy to your body, plus it is totally alkaline. When you drink it, you will feel an immediate boost of energy throughout your body. Of course, you could eat lots of green vegetables, but this would prove a little more costly, plus it requires effort to prepare vegetables. Our hectic lifestyles would ensure that we would eventually slip back into old habits. A green drink takes seconds to prepare and you can knock it back as a shot or drink it through the day.

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