Germs & Illness

In Western society, one out of two people die from heart disease and one out of three people die from cancer. There is no excuse for these statistics, as the effects are totally lifestyle-driven.

One of the main challenges that we have in Western medicine, is that we are dealing with the 'effect' of disease, instead of dealing with the cause. We should be dealing with the source of these problems. That old paradigm of treating the symptoms, is an old paradigm and it doesn't work. Today, doctors are becoming more open to looking at things from a totally different angle.

Pathology is the study of disease. Now if you wanted to be rich, would you study poor people? So if you wanted to be healthy, why would you want to study people who were ill? Well, that's the way medicine currently works and we are obsessed with dealing with a problem that has already happened. It's time to start thinking about your health from a new perspective.

It goes without saying that changing our belief system is not an easy thing to do, especially when those around us are still following the old belief system. But do your own research, look at the statistics and draw your own conclusions. Look at your own town or city when there is a bin/garbage strike. Suddenly the rats arrive and most of us blame the rats for the mess. When disease strikes, we look around for something to blame. But in reality, the disease happened for a reason, because the 'trash' was already inside us!

Let's look at a better example. Let's look at Influenza. Does the flu tend to be seasonal or not? Does it normally strike during the holiday season or the normal work season? Okay, what happens during the holiday season that might add to toxicity in the body? Do we tend to use more energy during the holiday season? Do we have additional stresses during the holiday season, such as shopping and preparation for the outlaws coming to town - sorry, I meant in-laws! Do we drink more alcohol and pig-out more on copious amounts of food. And is that food sometimes of a more rich variety than the food we'd usually consume? Also, in most countries, the holiday season has an extreme of temperature. In the UK, it's the cold season, while in other countries, it's the hot season. Either way, it is still an extreme of temperature. Your body has to use more nerve energy to either heat yourself up or cool yourself down - depending on where you live. With all of the stresses that I've just described, what gets shut off? The elimination process gets shut off and as that happens, your body is no longer working efficiently and toxicity builds up.

What sort of things do we consume during the holiday season? Turkey? Mashed potato? Gravy? Okay maybe a token veggie on the side. Pudding? Custard? Coffee? Wine? All of these things are pure acid into the system. And do we eat a lot of this stuff? Of course we do. We stuff ourselves silly. That's why we feel exhausted after a large meal. And by the way, the very next day - we immediately go on a cleanse right? Not a chance. We have left overs from the day before! We can't waste any leftovers while there are people dying in Africa! Throw in the multiple parties that we attend and all that alcohol - is it any surprise that our bodies go into meltdown? And on top of all of this stuff, we carry on the process, because what's around the corner? Of course - New Year! And New Year is the ultimate party isn't it? And then we consume more alcohol.

Do you know what alcohol is? It is the total product of decay. In the alcohol production process, the yeast consumes the sugar. It excretes its waste and it is THAT waste that gets us drunk! That's why we become - intoxicated! Our body has become poisoned by toxins and we like how that feels - for a while! It destroys cells and it overwhelms the body. Now here's the interesting part. When does the flu season hit? It generally shows up late December/early January. And year after year after year, this 'bug' shows up. And what are the symptoms of the flu? Nausea, fever, aches and pains, chills, diarrhoea? Are those the symptoms of a body that has been poisoned? Are those the symptoms of a body that is trying to get rid of poison?

The trouble is, when we succumb to these symptoms, we look for the germ that caused our ill health. We look for the flu virus. However, a virus has never been proven to be alive. A virus is not a bug. A virus is no more the cause, than the rats are the cause! You have to get this waste out. You must cleanse and detoxify your body. If you don't, you're going to pay a severe price.

Cleansing the body is is the one and only way that you can stop it from dealing with the matter itself - by shutting down and putting you in bed for days or weeks! You don't have to live in fear of germs, by applying just a few common-sense actions.

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