How we get out of balance

Does it now make sense that the affect that a virus has on us, is more to do with the environment within our bodies, as opposed to some bug attacking us? Which would explain why some people are affected worse than others, while some are not affected at all. If you're in a perfectly healthy alkaline state, there is no acid environment for a virus to take hold. Or if it does, the affects on your well-being will be far less than somebody who has an acid body.

The first thing that happens that takes us out of balance, is that thee is a disturbance. So as a quick reminder, the first thing that affects the delicate balance in our bodies is our emotions. Negative emotions create acid in the system. The second thing that knocks us out of balance is the environment in which we live. Breathing polluted city air is bound to have an acidic effect on our bodies. We are also surrounded by radiation. The third thing that knocks us out of balance is an acid diet. This is a diet that consists of animal proteins (meat and other animal derivatives). A diet that consists of cooked oils is acid. A diet that is made up of a lot of sugar is acid. A diet that consists of a lot of processed carbohydrates (like pasta) is acid. Remember this equation: Sugar = Acid = Glue.
I've already talked about how healthy blood cells are electrically charges and how they bounce of each other. But acid strips the outer layer of red blood cells, so the cells no longer repel each other. They begin to clump together. This can be seen under a microscope.

Okay, so now that I've talked about the different ways that our bodies can suffer a disturbance, think about this: Irritation leads to Mutation. When something gets irritated, it gets out of balance. And when it gets out of balance, it either weakens, dies or mutates. In this instance, cells become disorganised – they change in order to deal with the environment, because life wants to live. For example, let's look at cancer. Cancer cells are so determined to live, that they can survive in an environment where there is no oxygen. They are cells that have mutated and now they are growing more rapidly than you want them to.

So what kind of things can 'disturb' us? A car accident can disturb us massively. An accident will rupture cells and ruptured cells means more acid in the body. It can really be a trauma to the system. When the body is 'disturbed', cells adapt to the new environment – created by the disturbance. Suddenly, you have a compromised environment. It may sound obvious, but you now have healthy cells becoming unhealthy cells. That allows 'germs' to grow, such as bacteria, fungus, yeast and moulds. And all of this happens because you have created a place for them to live. Scientists are now beginning to discover that a healthy red blood cell can eventually morph into a bacteria, given the correct acid environment. They've also seen a morphed cell reach a more alkaline part of the body and morph back into a healthy red blood cell. So this process is reversible. So whereas we think of outside bugs attacking us, scientists now believe that our own cells are actually continually morphing into something else.

As these 'creatures' multiply, they're feeding on your energy stores and naturally, they excrete their waste into your blood. That waste is pure acid! Now you have debilitating acids growing, which begin to affect even more disturbance on the healthy cells. Over weeks, months and years, these acids lead us to ageing, disease and dare I say it – chronic illness, such as cancer. It's an acid problem that comes from disturbance. Now here's the shocker. It takes FOUR parts alkaline, to neutralise ONE part of acid! That's why most people are so acid.

Now that we know a little more about what gets us out of balance, let's look at how we can regain some balance in the next section.

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