Regaining Balance

Have you ever spent a long day at work and at some part of that day, you've felt absolutely wiped! And then you've been running on nothing but mental energy, because you simply had no normal energy left in the tank? That's just the start of things. There's something that happens more gradually and silently. It's a bit like the metaphor of putting a frog into cool water and by turning the temperature up slowly, the frog will eventually go to sleep and cook. For most of us, our challenges sneak up on us so slowly, that we don't realise what we've lost! Once you've experienced the true feeling of pure live energy, you'll never want to go back. You'll simply feel addicted to feeling so great!

People get so wrapped up with everything else, such as their jobs, their finances, their families, for example, that they overlook their own bodies. I'm not simply talking about looking good, with slim waists or toned muscles. I'm talking about our general well-being. Our bodies are amazing machines and they will do their best to meet the demands we put on them, but we push our bodies to 'full-tilt'! This slow depletion of energy happens as a result of building up toxicity in our bodies. We don't rest enough, we don't sleep enough and our lifestyles are 'go go go....' and it's just a matter of time before our bodies can't take anymore. This is the time when we need to regain the balance in our bodies. We need to clear out all of that toxicity and reboot our bodies to full vibrant health.

Let's talk about the blood again. Scientists can now use a 'Dark Field Microscope' to look at our blood, which allows them to see things that cannot be seen during a standard blood test. It shows scientists that our blood is not sterile and it is full of little creatures moving around inside it. More recently, scientists are now able to look at our blood using an 'ultra light microscope', which allows them to look even deeper. Now, they are able to see things like candida or yeast in your blood, plus various parasites that leach from us. When we are full of toxicity, our white blood cells will appear as 'ripped open' and leaking into our system. This is when our immune systems break down. This is when we are totally 'run-down'.

Candida or yeast is well worth a mention here. What they do is feed off your glucose (sugar), leaving you with insufficient energy. This explains why we eat, yet remain unsatisfied. Have you ever been so busy, that you've hardly eaten all day long? Then by early evening, you've been ready to eat a horse? This is because your blood sugar is through the floor! This is where your body crashes, unless we do something – like stuff ourselves silly! Your cravings for sugar are the little creatures in your blood, demanding more sugar. Also, consider this – Candida/yeast are alive and anything alive has to consume to survive. Any living organism that consumes, must eliminate waste. So, it excrete more waste into our blood. This creates more acid!

If you have a lot of acid addictions right now, like coffee, cigarettes or alcohol – where you have to have it, these are tell-tale signs that you have toxicity in your body. I'm going to show you a way to detoxify your body, by introducing an alkaline super-food into your diet.

So what causes the candida? Basically, too much intake of carbohydrate converts to sugar, which turns to acid and acid leaves an ash behind in your blood. Furthermore, protein also leaves an acid ash in the system. So anybody who has been on a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet, is also liable to suffer from being over-acid. Carbohydrates do the real damage though, because our diets are loaded with carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, rice, pastries and potatoes. We;re creating an environment where these little creatures will proliferate. We're creating a feeding ground for them. The rats don't come until there's enough trash/rubbish to feed on. And once they come, they tell all of their friends! Pretty soon, the rats camp out. They grow and expand and create more of a problem. Trash or rubbish in our bodies, soon becomes acid. And when left for long enough, we create that perfect environment for the little creatures that feed on our energy.

Once the yeast are finished with our sugars, they move on to our proteins. They slowly begin to break down our soft tissue and our muscle mass. It is now believed by scientists, that as much as 70% of the population is affected by yeast and candida. That may sound extreme, but when you look at the general lifestyle of people today, I'm sure that you'll agree that it is very plausible. The good news is that you can cleanse the blood very easily, by introducing alkaline into your diet. The environment that yeast grows in, has to be acidic.

Think about your teeth. We're conditioned that sugar causes our teeth to decay. But sugar does not decay teeth. But as that sugar metabolises, it turns into acid. It's the acid that burns holes into our teeth. Imagine that acid going through your organs and your tissues? Now think about genetic weaknesses that many of us have. If your weakness is in the prostate or the breast area, the acid will go there. And that is where we will eventually develop major problems. The weakest parts of the body is where the acid will eventually settle, because those parts of the body are far less efficient at cleaning up the mess.

So, how do we alkalise the body to get rid of the acid? We need to consume alkaline, in the form of what we eat and drink. We need to get our bodies to PH 7.36 (mildly alkaline). You don't have to start having all sorts of blood tests, but what you can do is buy some litmus strips, that will tell you how acid or alkaline you are. The good news is that we can totally turn this acid state around, within thirty days. Later I will tell you about a powerful green drink that you can take, that will super-charge your alkalinity.

One thing I want you to know is that I'm not a massive fan of health supplements and I have never believed in taking lots of expensive vitamins etc. In fact, I'd argue that most of that stuff guarantees that you will have really expensive urine. However, what I will be doing, is recommending a super-food which will quickly move your body back to a healthy alkaline state.

Should you eat fruit in the morning? Believe it or not, the answer is no. This is because fruit contains its own natural sugar, in the form of fructose. If your body is already in an acidic state, fruit sugar will just add to that acid. However, if you cleanse your body of excess acid, I would say that fruit in moderation is a good thing.

Your priority is firstly to regain balance in your body, by eliminating acid and restoring alkalinity.

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