The Acid Alkaline Balancing Act

I've already discussed how we can get out of balance and how our bodies can break down. The good news is that science has moved on greatly and it doesn't have to be that way, once we understand a few fundamentals.

First of all, it's important to understand what the body actually is. Our bodies are actually a unique system that runs on electrical currents, along with magnetism. Think of it as electro magnetism that is actually running you. All the nerves of your body send signals of electricity through your body, as pulses. For all of your organs to be healthy, they need to be totally energetic, they need to have electrical power. What makes that electrical power happen, is caused by a delicate balance in our biochemistry. Chemistry makes the environment possible for electricity to be there. Anything that is allowed to mess up that electrical balance is going to mess up your cells, your organs and your life. When our bodies are knocked out of balance, acid is created in our bodies and it is solely responsible for the breakdown of our delicate biochemistry. The trouble is, we tackle acid by taking medicines to tackle acid - the damage is already done. One example would be antacids. If we're eating so smartly, why do many of us take antacids, like they're coming out of our ears? The reason is because we live in an acid environment for most of the time.

So what creates acid? Well, one of the first things that creates acid is emotions, such as anger, resentment and frustration. One thing that I recommend that you do is to visit a pharmacy (or go online) and buy some PH strips, that allow you to measure how acid or alkaline you are. You can put them on your tongue or some, you place in urine. So, on a scale of 1 to 14, if pure acid has a rating of 1 and pure alkaline has a rating of 14, the mid-point would then be a 7. Our bodies need to have a rating of 7.36 - which is slightly alkaline. Don't get mixed up with stomach acid, which is obviously more acidic. I'm talking about our blood. The blood which is the river of life. It transports the oxygen everywhere. It transports the nutrients everywhere. This figure of 7.36 is so important that if it moved 1 or 2 points either way, you would die instantly.

Most people test the body's resolve for maintaining its fine alkaline balance with the environment we live in and the things that we consume. our bodies have to figure out what to do with this added acidity. The first way that we create acid in the body is through our emotions. When we are stressed or worrying about something, we create acid. Have you ever had that stomach churning feeling that comes with worry? We all have at some point. Worry is an emotion and it creates acid. On the opposite side, you can actually stimulate your immune system by releasing positive endorphins, such as through laughter. Laughter and feelings of happiness have the opposite effect on our bodies.

How does acid do its damage? Well, without getting too technical, I'd like you to imagine a single red blood cell as a small droplet of blood. As we know, red blood cells carry oxygen around our bodies, along with lots of other important stuff. Blood cells hold an electrical charge. The outside of the blood cell has a 'negative' electrical charge, while the inside of the blood cell has a 'positive' electrical charge. So if all of our millions of red blood cells have an 'outer' negative charge, what do these blood cells do when they come into contact with other red blood cells? Of course, they repel. Healthy red blood cells literally bounce off each other and are continuously on the move! While all these red blood cells hold a negative electrical charge, it is impossible for them to stick together. However, when acid comes along - Acid lifestyle - acid emotions, acid food, acid drink, acid environment, it literally damages the outer 'negative' electrical shell of the blood cells. When that negatively charged outer layer is destroyed, it reveals the inner 'positive' electrical charge of the red blood cells. Suddenly, we now have a mix of red blood cells that are positively and negatively charged electrically. And now we have red blood cells that no longer repel each other - they attract each other and they 'stick' together. As more and more of these red blood cells clump together, they become thicker and eventually they turn to sludge. As this happens, your energy begins to go through the floor. Something worse now happens. As these cells become weaker and weaker, they eventually die and as they die, they release their own acid into the blood stream. So now the acidity problem is compounded and the problem grows exponentially.

As our bodies become more and more polluted with acid, the problem gets worse and worse. Pretty soon, we start to develop all of those aches and pains. Aches and pains are acid. It's a lack of oxygen and an excess of acid and you can find this in any part of the body. So what we have to do is to find a way to maintain this delicate alkaline environment within our bodies.

So how does the body deal with this excess acidity? The body uses its stores of alkalinity to neutralise the acid. However, here's the problem. If you keep putting more acid in, your body will eventually run out of alkalinity to combat this acid. Now you're in a dangerous position. Now is the time that you are likely to have a major disease affect your body. Acids go to the weakest parts of the body and wherever you have a genetic weakness, acids will find their way there. So the acids can actually weaken something that's already in trouble. Does this make sense? If you're not sure, you need to read over that last section again, because it's crucially important that you follow this!

So, what does the body do next? It takes the excess acid and stores it in the body's fat reserves, because that takes the acid away from the vital organs. Now here lies another problem. What if your genetic tendency is to not hold much fat? Strangely enough, people who carry a bit more body fat, tend to be more healthy that people who are skinny - assuming that their arteries aren't clogged up. Acid build up is even more of a problem for skinny people!

What is our immediate reaction to feeling unhealthy? We decide to get healthy at all costs. Our first reaction is to worry about our health, our bodyweight and our diet. Worry creates acid! Then we exercise like crazy, thinking that this may be the solution. Exercise creates Lactic acid! Can you over-exercise? Of course we can. All of this additional acid is now released into the body. Now we wonder why we're not losing weight, despite eating more healthily and working out like crazy! If you're overweight right now, you're not over-fat, you're over acid! You will not lose weight, no matter how much you diet and/or exercise, unless you create an environment that is more alkaline. You just can't. It's a survival tool of the body. Here's the good news. Create that alkaline environment in your body and your efforts to lose weight will produce staggering results! Also, if you suffer from high cholesterol, by removing acid from the body, your cholesterol levels will plummet. Did you know that it's your body that actually creates cholesterol? Do you know why this silent killer is produced by the body? Because when the body detects excess acid travelling through our blood, it has to protect our arteries - by creating a coating of cholesterol within our arteries. This cholesterol coating gets thicker and thicker know the rest.

Have you ever wondered why older people tend to look smaller? They appear to be shrinking? Here's what happens next. After a person has led an acid lifestyle and their alkaline reserves are depleted, the body needs to 'leach' calcium from our bones. So we really do shrink if we've lived an acid lifestyle - and our bones become harder and more brittle. It's also why older people can be in serious trouble when the suffer broken bones. Your bones get weaker and weaker and we appear to get more compressed. Your muscles also start to appear flabby, because acid eats the muscle tissue away.

We need to restore and maintain our bodies to a more alkaline state and by making a few simple changes to our diet, you now have the awareness to prevent what I have described, from happening to you!

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