The Big Picture

OK, let's wrap this up now. Does it make sense that we need to be more aware of how much we need to look after our bodies, by adding more alkaline to our diet and avoiding and eliminating acid where possible? This is the only solution to improve the way we are living.

Remember, it takes four parts alkalinity, to eliminate one part of acid! If you can just make these changes in your life, by adding more water, by drinking these green drinks and adding more alkaline greens to your diet, the changes can appear nothing short of miraculous! It's such a simple change and it can really be summed up to being a small addition in to your life. But, the improvements to your health are so radical, it's almost impossible to imagine.

Take a look around the internet and see the evidence for yourself. People are overcoming many ailments, plus many serious medical conditions using the alkaline restoration method. There are even people out there who have overcome terminal illnesses, such as cancer. I can't make any promises when it comes to illnesses such as cancer, but why not least stack the deck in your favour? There are two ways to look at disease. (1) you can use this system to avoid many ailments. (2) you can use this system to cure many ailments. Obviously, prevention is better than cure.

Ultimately, you now know too much not to do anything about it. Make sure that you take action right away. Start cleansing immediately by just increasing the amount of water that you take in. Literally flood your body with water by using this equation: You want to drink the equivalent of half of your body weight, as fluid ounces. So for example, if you weigh 200 pounds, half of that is 100 pounds, so you need to drink 100 fluid ounces (floz) of water each day. So as a rule, calculate your body weight in pounds, half it and the number you're left with will give you the floz figure you should be drinking every day. This will immediately start to cleanse your body.

Water alone is a perfect starting point, but I strongly recommend that you get yourself a green drink. Obviously you can source your own supply, but having done this myself since 2005, I feel qualified to tell you that the 'Five a Day Plus' green drink by Xenca, is by far the best green drink that I have come across. This is because it comes with all of the main green supplements added, which takes the guess work out of choosing a product.

Finally, I want you to consider two things. Firstly, once you have experienced the marvellous effect of this super-hydration concept, please please please, tell other people about it and refer them to this web site. It is extremely important that as many people as possible have the chance to read this information, so that they can improve their lives. Secondly, consider buying your green drink from this web site. I've already stressed the quality of the 'Five a Day Plus' green drink, but what you will receive additionally is information and updates by email. If you purchase a green drink product from a shop, you'll get a bag and a receipt to go with it!

I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you will let us know your success story in the future!

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