Secrets of Lasting Energy

Whatever you want to achieve in life, nothing matters unless you take care of your body. The trouble is, most of us live in a society that doesn't focus on looking after our bodies.We spend most of our time trying to look good or getting ourselves to feel better by using alcohol, drugs or just stuffing ourselves silly. We should concentrate on trying to improve our health and energy!

Most people simply do not understand that they are digging their own grave with their teeth, because they don't understand that little changes in their body are having a huge impact on how they feel about themselves and their life.

My goal for today is to show you how to increase your energy. Because no matter who you are, by increasing your energy, you increase the quality of your life. Look at people who have charisma - it's their energy that we are attracted to. Look at busy people who get things done. It's not just their will-power, it's their energy level. It's there at the end of the day, not just the start of the day! There are some simple little changes that you can make that will give you explosive levels of energy.

Also, if you are overweight and want to change, but you've tried dieting and you've tried exercising until you can't breath. well, there's a reason why those diets and exercise programs don't work. Do you know why they don't work? because we are plagued by a thing called acid. And excess acid in the body causes us to retain water and body fat. So if you're looking to lose 5 to 50 pounds of body weight, this is the ticket!

The best part about this information is that it's simple to understand and it's simple to use. When you start to understand about the balance of acid and alkaline in our bodies and how it affects your energy, how it affects the flow of oxygen, how it affects the amount of fat your body retains and even how it affects the amount of cholesterol in our bodies, you'll be astounded!

By the way, what I'm telling you is not new information. However, a lot of this information has been lost in the archives of tons of data regarding nutrition. One of the pioneers of acid/alkaline research was Doctor Neil Solomon, who discovered how the body can heal itself, at the John Hopkins University (over 20 years ago!). What I intend to teach you is how to restore the homoeostatic balance in the body, which basically means the body's ability to heal itself.

A huge amount of information regarding acid/alkaline balance has been produced over the years. I hope that the information that I am sharing here, allows you to grasp a good understanding of that knowledge.

By the way, if you think for one minute that this acid/alkaline stuff doesn't apply to you, then think again. It applies to everybody! It even applies to athletes who have burned themselves out and more excitingly, it is being more and more commonly applied to terminally ill patients - who are making a full recovery from their ailments! By all means, do your own research, but at the time of writing this, 85% of terminally ill people are still alive after 5 years of restoring the homoeostatic balance of their bodies.

Once you have learned how to restore your own body to optimum health and energy, you will be freed from fear. Freed from the fear that somebody is going to sneeze on you and give you a cold or the flu. Once you restore your body to its correct mildly alkaline state, you will simply not catch a cold or you will suffer extremely mild symptoms. Personally, I have avoided severe colds and flu for 9 years, when everybody around me was dying on their feet. I can count on one hand, the amount of times that I became aware that I even had a cold, where the symptoms were very mild and I was able to easily carry on with my day. Basically, your body will be perfectly tuned and in a position to be exposed to germs, without you ending up in bed for a week!

Have you ever noticed how a number of people could be exposed to a germ, yet not everybody picks up the disease? It all has to do with the state of health that each individual is in, at the time of exposure. I used to be a teacher and every academic year, you could almost predict when half of the college would be wiped out with a cold or the flu. The things that you do to restore your body to optimum health will determine how your body reacts when it is exposed to such germs. It's about keeping your body in balance at all times.

It's time to get out of fear and get into energy. Get out of excess fat and get into fitness. And then, we can enjoy the kind of health and energy that we deserve.

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