The Three-Step Cycle of Balance

So, how do we get back in balance? We must cleanse. Assuming that you have read the previous articles, would you agree that it's highly likely that you have built up some toxicity in your body during your lifetime? Of course, we all have! The first thing that we need to do is to super-hydrate the body. This means that you are going to drink a lot more fluids than you normally would do, but you're also going to drink a lot more fluids that are alkaline in nature. You also want to incorporate a green drink that is alkaline. Examples of alkaline drinks are Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Spirulina and Chlorella. You can buy these green drinks in many places individually, but the good news is that 'Five a Day Plus' from Xenca contains ALL of the above ingredients, so you're getting the full hit in one drink. Obviously you can source these green drinks yourself, but having spent nine years researching green drinks, I have to say that the Xenca product is far superior to most - in my opinion.

I recommend that you do not buy raw wheat grass, as this then has to be prepared and time-consuming preparation is not an ideal way to form a new habit. You really want a ready mixed green powder that you can simply add to water and shake it to mix. Some people like to mix their green drinks with smoothies, to give it a more fruity taste and while this is a healthy option, remember that fruit contains the fruit sugar – fructose, which in turn creates acidity in the system. The purpose here is to flood the body with alkaline fluids. Using wheat grass as an example, you are looking to consume the Chlorophyll of the plant. This chlorophyll will provide you with an unbelievable amount of energy! Also, if you look at the molecular structure of chlorophyll, it is almost identical in structure to our own blood. It's almost like taking the blood of the plants, while it's still alive. Chlorophyll gives you the ability to build on your blood and there is quite a lot of research that states that chlorophyll is a natural blood-builder.

When you reach that time of day where your blood-sugar is at rock bottom, take a green drink and 'BOOM!' You're solid again. No tiredness, no craving for sugary foods and no pigging out! You'll have the fluids that you need, you won't be dehydrated and your blood-sugar will be even. Your energy will start sparking, because all that energy will be available for your body immediately.

In an ideal world, to cleanse properly, you want to go seven to ten days on a more or less liquid diet. You'll be drinking green drinks, green soups and plenty of water. The minimum time you should spend doing this is for three days. What you will be doing here is giving your organs a total rest and in the process, you will be flushing all of the toxins out of your system. Now, if what I described seems a bit too harsh or you don't feel ready for that right now, still consider taking the green drinks and water, but try really hard to avoid sugary foods. Try to eat energy laden foods such as cucumber, broccoli and pretty much any green vegetables. Raw almonds are also an excellent snack food that is very alkaline. Make a big effort not to eat junk during this period.

Assuming you do follow the full-on cleanse described above, here's what you will find. Day one will be the most difficult, as you are in the habit of eating regularly. However, by day three, you will experience hardly any hunger at all! You'll even discover that the thought of actually eating food doesn't particularly appeal to you. Another positive that will come out of cleansing is that you will break the emotional patterns associated with 'eating for comfort'. You will be taking control of your emotions and your life, plus you will become empowered.

On a full-on cleanse, you will be looking to drink at least three litres of this green drink every day. You can spread your three litres of green drink over your entire day. One in the morning is a perfect start to your day. Also, have some of your drink around half an hour before each meal and guess what happens? Your blood-sugar will be even, so you won't pig out and you will be satisfied, whilst eating a better quality of food. Your addiction to some of the junk that you would normally crave, will start to disappear. I guarantee that by the fourth day, you will not believe how good you feel and you will have so much energy! Aches and pains will disappear because your body will be flooded with alkaline. If you have a medical condition, you may wish to check with your doctor before going on a cleanse (detoxification).

The key phrase from this article is 'Super-Hydrate'. Even if you don't go on a full cleanse, you should be looking to super-hydrate your body every day – for the rest of your life. That is, at least one green drink per day, including at least three litres of water every day.

Every man needs a good woman and every woman needs a good woman! Let me explain. WOMAN stands for WATER, OXYGEN, MINERALS, ALKALINE and NUTRITION. By taking a minimum of one green drink each day, including at least three litres of water, you will be providing adequate water, oxygen and minerals to your organs. Eat the right foods and at least cut-back on the junk food (or at least have a better awareness of junk food) and your body will also receive the correct balance of nutrition.

Follow the method described above and you will benefit greatly. You will have tons of energy, you will feel great, you will think differently, your skin will feel and look better and even your hair will appear more healthy. You will be totally in balance and you will free yourself from fear – fear that some bug is attacking you! This way you will add years to your life and life to your years!

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